Exclusive Mix for www.fiebrelatina.co.uk

Interview (Spanish): http://www.fiebrelatina.co.uk/carpeta-roja/entrevista-a-disko-selektors

Soundcloud has not left us completely mix up because there is a song withcopyright. A song that we have bought and that apparently we can not used it in the mixes that we want … Anyway here you have the whole mix except the first song. If you want to hear the full mix you can do download it here: Download Mp3 320: http://depositfiles.com/files/6gb5xk383

1 – Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco (Joakims Paradisco Garage Remix) (Because Music)
2 – Mario Viera – Down In (Santa Esperanza)
3 – Telephones – The Ocean The Sand The Lorenzo (White Label)
4 – Only Children – Down Fever (White Label)
5 – The Rimshooters – Calling you (Slow Motion)
6 – Honom – Sebastians Birthday (Phunktastike Remix) (Coming soon on Pole Position Records)
7 – Thomass Jackson – Silver beat (Julian Sanza Remix) (Coming soon on Heartbeat Revolution)
8 – Moon Runner – Cultural Track One (Toy Tronic)
9 – Zombies In Miami – Heartache (Coming soon on Electrique)
10 – Zemtsov – Tale Of The Tape (Mojear Records)
11 – Enzo Ponzio – My 80’s Funk (Pizzico Records)
12 – Kolombo & Cupcake Project – Let’s Party (Nervous)
13 – Feeling so good today (Rayko edit) (White Label)
14 – Disko! Selectors – Nicole Re-edit (Coming soon on Bust a Dub)


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